Microwarriors: The Battle Within – Educational Video Game – Bringing to you the up-to-date information about probiotics

FACT: People should know the reasons for taking probiotics in drink/food and supplements. They can get exposed to the world of probiotics through an educational Play Microwarriors The Battle Withinvideo game, Microwarriors: The Battle Within. It allows them to get a quick view on what probiotics can do to improve their weak digestive system. These natural microorganisms are very effective. It is designed by Dr. Challa and David Knight to highlight the role of probiotics in digestive ailments. That’s why; this educational video game must be played by everybody.

Trying to find important facts about probiotics?

There is not enough awareness about the positive effect of probiotics. Many people are already taking probiotics in drink/food and supplements to keep their digestive system under control and strengthen their immune health. This educational video game has been produced to make people aware of the large scale popularity of probiotics and their possible reasons. The content of Microwarriors: The Battle Within is true and not over hyped. It contains data collected from medical research of some of world’s best known gastroenterologists for highlighting the role of probiotics throughout the world. Again, the beneficial effects of probiotic bacteria are presented with interactive 3D effects in order to let users get the message fast and clear. That’s why; this educational video game is a must-play for all those people who want to control a wide range of stomach related problems or for those who just want to have fun!

Microwarriors: The Battle Within video game – Know what’s in store for you?

  1. Everything related to Probiotics (Their discovery, production, and effect etc)
  2. The most up-to-date data on probiotics gained through medical research
  3. Doctor’s view on probiotics and their role
  4. Description of health conditions where probiotics can be helpful
  5. An exciting experience

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